Olive 2016-17

St Augustine's School

Olive 2016-17

Our mad science session. 28/4/17

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Today Charlie the scientist came into Year 5 to teach us about space.

He talked with us about different facts about Space, all children had a go at answering different questions.









We then spent time creating our own comet, we placed the moulds in water and left the comet to set.


























While we waited, we performed a space challenge. Using large gloves we had to build with Lego, at first we thought this would be ok, but then we realised ….

































After our tricky challenge, it was time to see how our comets had turned out. We opened the mould, got out the comet and rolled it around our hands.














What what was your most favourite part of the session? What facts can you remember?





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This week we started new spellings. We spent the week practicing, playing games and using our spelling in our work. Today we had a spelling test, all children scored 70% or above. Well done.

What was your favourite spelling? Would you like to share your score with us?


Our new topic ‘Space’

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We started to look at our new topic and create papier mache planets for our new role play. We researched the planets, their sizes and colours. We then created our planets …..


What was your most favourite part of making the planets?

Could you share a fact that you now know about the planets?










Farm to fork visit 19/4/17

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Today we visited Tesco to have a look at different foods and alternative healthy foods. We took it in turns to go to different aisles to look at the food available. We looked on the fresh aisle, frozen aisle and the tinned aisle.

We then talked about how much sugar was in certain foods. We were all surprised to find out that a small can ok Coke contains eleven cubes of sugar, when then recommended daily allowance is six cubes per day.









Lastly we looked at our faviourte breakfast cereal to see how much sugar it contained. Some children were rather shocked. To end our session we enjoyed healthy snacks, which all the children enjoyed.









What was your favourite part of the session?








Staff Talent Show

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Once you have watched all the ACTS below please then vote once on your favourite one.






Our Art lesson with Mrs Taylor

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This week in art we have been finishing our different creations, ready for next week when we will be making the final touches. Watch this space …..


Dance in PE

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Our dancing in PE this week.



Our slam poetry.

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The year 5 children worked hard to create slam poems, each child created their own. We then had a competition where each child recited their poem and the children voted for their favourites to perform infront of our two judges, Mrs Ryan and Mr Horton.

Here are photographs of some of the children performing theirs;



Our gymnastics

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This morning in our PE session we have looked at jumping and landing on two feet or one foot. We then put our jumps into a routine and made shapes. Here are some photos of the children practicing. 


Art with Mrs Taylor.

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This week in art we had three different activities. A group children started to tie and die their fabric, which in time will represent planets.




Another group started to cut and stick to make the sun.





The third group drew their suns and started to colour on the back, ready for next week where we will trace our suns onto lino tiles.


Well done to all children today for their efforts.